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Why Our Approach Is Better


Two Industry Standard Approaches:

The two main project delivery methods employed in today’s marketplace are design-bid-build and design-build. In design-bid-build, the owner hires a design firm to complete a set of plans, and then contractors bid the project from the plans. In design-build, the owner hires a construction company to design and build the project as a single-source provider.

Design-Build – It Just Makes Sense

The Design-Bid-Build method is flawed; it is not possible to produce an efficient design and a reliable budget without cost input from construction companies. Tomorrow’s Builder’s approach eliminates these shortcomings by bringing design and construction together. We know how to design, and we know construction costs. We find cost efficiencies and provide reliable budgets before the design is complete.

What Sets Us Apart

At Tomorrow’s Builder, design-build is much more than a catchy buzz word. Many design-build companies have no architectural or engineering background and thus outsource design. Since they lack design skills, participation in the design process is limited and projects do not reach their full potential. Meanwhile, outsourced design firms are often limited by the fee that was negotiated and the necessity to complete the design as quickly as possible. Some construction companies do not understand the importance of design and are more concerned with keeping design fees low. If there is no time for refinement and value engineering, you will pay more and get less.

At Tomorrow’s Builder, our way is better. The same professionals who design your project build it!