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Manufacturing & Industrial Construction


We Understand the Needs of Industry

At Tomorrow’s Builder, we’ve made a niche out of working with industry. We understand that production is king. We know that our solutions absolutely MUST NOT interfere with our client’s processes. Construction work in production and shipping areas require “thinking outside the box” and the willingness to work in steps or phases. We work closely with our Industry clients to develop solutions that keep products moving and their customers satisfied.

A Trusted Partnership Relationship…

Learning manufacturing and industrial processes can be compared to learning a new language. It takes an investment in time from both the teacher (industry) and the student (new company) to learn the language (process). Companies like Monterey Mushrooms have made this investment in Tomorrow’s Builder. In turn, we have learned their business and helped Monterey focus on what is important to them - growing mushrooms. Given the opportunity, we will commit our resources to “learn your language” and provide you the same level of service that Monterey experiences.

Languages Learned (Experience)

We have worked with many manufacturing and industrial clients to learn their processes and provide suitable construction services. This list includes: AcuPowder TN, Alchem Aluminum, Alsco, Athens Furniture, Breed Technologies, British Tire and Rubber, Denso Manufacturing, Diversified Technologies, Engineered Carbons, H. T. Hackney, Horsehead Corporation, IMCO Recycling, Maremont Exhaust, Metal Resources, Monterey Mushrooms, National Linen Service, PSC Metals, Pyron Metal Powders, Reiter & Schefenacker, RGE, Ruan Transportation, Smoky Mountain Metals, Swaggerty Sausage, Tennessee Tape and Label, Teton Transportation, Trakker Trailers, Universal Furniture, and US Bronze Powders.

Our unique single-source design and construction approach will simplify your life, get your project completed sooner and get your company more for its money.

Our Approach Works for Manufacturing & Industrial Clients

When compared to other approaches, we have found that our method of providing design along with construction services have worked well for our manufacturing and industrial clients. Think of us as your in-house design and construction team. Benefits for our clients include:


  • Our engineering and construction management services are all under one roof – you work with one company, simplifying the process
  • Our process is more flexible than traditional construction models. By working with your people and filling in the gaps, you get a better solution at a lower total cost
  • Unique construction delivery methods allow accurate budget predictions for current or future capital projects
  • Field changes are handled easily and cost effectively with our all-in-one approach


  • Our skilled construction managers know how to phase work and work around processes creating a smoother construction process without interruptions


  • We are familiar with equipment installations
  • Our company has experience in complex structural repairs and modifications, allowing you to extend the life and functionality of your existing structure
  • Our people are professionals. We work well with general managers, plant engineers and your maintenance staff.
  • We have strong accounting and management skills. Our people can coordinate directly with your accounting staff to track costs and eliminate surprises.

Manufacturing & Industrial Restoration, Remodeling, Additions & Updates

Renovations and restorations are just more difficult than new construction projects. Tomorrow’s Builder has the experience, and specialized skills to tackle these unique challenges in a safe, and cost effective manner.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your difficult project, and how we can help you solve it.