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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Having benefited from our methods, you enter the construction phase with confidence. The project costs, schedule and design are set and you have a working knowledge of each step. You are ready to make this important investment and start construction.

Tomorrow’s Builder uses an approach unique to the industry. We improve the construction process by maintaining our design presence. A strong dynamic is introduced when design adjustments can be made continually during construction without work stoppages. This unique hands-on approach allows for improvements to be made daily as part of the process. The overall result is more functionality, less costs, shorter project durations and a smoother running project.

Integration of design and construction just makes sense. It is easy to see why our approach is an improvement over traditional project delivery methods. Design-bid-build is one such commonly used method where design and construction are performed by two separate companies. This arrangement by its nature creates an adversarial relationship between designer and contractor as each party looks to protect their position. The team concept is nonexistent and the project outcome suffers.

Design-build arrangements help to alleviate these problems by putting designer and contractor on the same team. Problem is, not all design-build companies are the same. Many such companies perform no in-house design and have no design expertise. To address this deficiency, outside companies are hired to perform the design. These companies are selected using the same process used to hire other subcontractors, by low bid. LOW BID = LESS DESIGN. Low fees result in the following outcomes:

  1. Initial designs lack refinement and functionality of the project suffers
  2. Decisions are made during construction without design input

Exceptional Service and Quality

There are many key people that join together to make our projects a success. It starts with the skilled and quality minded staff of Tomorrow’s Builder. We care about you. Of equal importance, local trade contractors and material suppliers play a huge role in our success. Having built in this area for almost three decades, we know what each company’s specialties are. We know which companies provide exceptional quality and service, not only during construction, but to meet your service needs in the future.