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Construction Closeout


Ending on a Good Note

Turning a project over to a client is a time of pride and accomplishment for both parties. Before leaving, we must make sure everything is complete and in top working order. The last 5 percent of the project may be the most important.

Tomorrow’s Builder puts the same high level of effort into closing out the project as with every other step of the construction process. Attention to detail, persistence and organization are traits that are necessary to properly close out a construction project.

Steps to closeout a project…

  • Punch out
  • Warranties & manuals
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Final payments
  • Demobilization

Punch out

The term “punch out” typically refers to minor flaws in the work that require correction. This is a process that starts on day one of construction. We maintain a quality-minded approach and work on problems as they are discovered, never leaving them to the end. We hold everyone involved accountable. Any items found that are not to specification are made right.

Warranties & manuals

During our contract negotiations with trade contractors, we include requirements for them to provide equipment warranties and operations and maintenance manuals. We maintain complete records and present all manuals and warranties to you upon completion, BEFORE closing out the project.

Certificate of Occupancy

We work closely with local and state building officials to achieve approved occupancy status and meet all requirements.

Final payments

Final punch list items of trade contractors and material suppliers must be completed according to our schedule. Final payments offer leverage, and we know how to work fairly with these companies to get the job done and to protect you.


When the project is complete, we start the demobilization process immediately. We remove trailers, equipment, materials and make sure the jobsite is left in a clean manner.