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Preliminary Design

Design Should Start With Your Goals

When you commit to build, your ultimate goal is to make your company more successful and to generate a return on your investment. We strive to understand the fundamental business drivers behind your project, in order to best help you reach your goals.

Tomorrow’s Builder understands that key decisions made during the Preliminary Design phase can influence the success of the project more than any other step. These decisions are best made when design steps are backed by construction cost verification. Our construction knowledge and budget-focused mindset continually influence the Preliminary Design, keeping the project efficient and predictable.

The Preliminary Design process can include the following…

  • Evaluation of existing structures and facilities
  • Field documentation and as-built drawings
  • Conceptual design and sketching
  • Design comparisons made with historical cost information
  • Establishment of project phases
  • Feasibility studies
  • Space planning
  • Master planning
  • Site analysis or comparisons

The value of proper Preliminary Design…

A properly executed Preliminary Design stage sets the tone for the project by:

  • Informing the Owner so he/she better understands the design and construction process
  • Establishing realistic design direction that is both functional and achievable
  • Ensuring alignment of quality level with Owner cost expectations
  • Eliminating budget and scheduling crises later in the process
  • Providing a solid base for the project moving forward